“Working with Jon is a wonderful experience. He brings a wealth of “can-do” knowledge and his actions are in line with what comes out of his mouth. His gracious, intelligent and gentle personality draws people into him and his softly spoken wisdom alludes to a deep understanding of the universal laws. I like being around Jon and certainly am grateful for his support and attitude. I highly recommend Jon, his business and his group.”
February 26, 2008

Adam Wydeman, Founder & Chief Networking Officer (CNO), Plus One: Networking for Professionals

“Jon has been a great guy to work with. He is passionate and insightful and has a wonderfully calm way about him. I would absolutely recommend Jon to others.”
February 27, 2008

Paul Fox, Owner, LifeSuccess Publishing Qld

“Jon’s knowledge and understanding and his ability to hone in on the issue and assist with the solution is exemplary” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

Bertram Daniel

“Thank you Jon for collaborating in running World Entrepreneurship Day Melbourne 2010. I highly recommend you to all my friends as first port of contact when organising events and also for your insight and suggestions in business.”
April 16, 2010

Andrea Georgiou, Committee Member, World Entrepreneurship Day

“I have enjoyed working with Jon in several different environments, his sharp mind, with quiet, clear observations I found very distinctive and valuable. Having had the privilege of reviewing Jon’s soon to be published book, I can only say this is a man of the future.”

William MacLean, Finance and Wealth Strategist, MacLean Finance Pty Ltd

“John Yeo is sensational an extremely tough coach who both passionately and emphatically got me to take action I otherwise wouldn’t if you get a chance to be coached by him grab it with both hands and don’t let go. … he will take you for the ride of your life”

Robert Ackeroyd

“I admire Jon’s clarity of thought on the universal laws and his delivery of the topic. He managed to capture 100% attention of the audience throughout the 90 minutes of his presentation and now the audience wants to hear more from him!”

Michael Ong, Chief Executive Officer,Capstone Capital Pte Ltd, Singapore

“Jon has the ability to present concepts in a most logical and straightforward manner, with easy-to-understand examples, that makes them so clear and acceptable to his listeners. A truly gifted and eloquent speaker.”

Amy Tan, Senior Financial Services Consultant, American International Assurance Co., Ltd. Singapore

1. Getting Clear


“Everything should be as simple as possible but not simpler.” Albert Einstein“

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2. Getting Organised

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Ultimately having an organised system is critical to success. One that is TRUSTED and LEVERAGED.

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3. Getting Connected

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Getting Connected works at 2 levels. Internally and Externally.

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